DRiVE into the flagship season Dec. 27 at JUMP

facebook-event-headers-05On Tuesday, Dec. 27, put the pedal to the medal at (over) DRiVE (crazy), the second show of our flagship season at our new all-ages venue in downtown Boise, JUMP (Pioneer Room). On a stage backed by an expansive view of the Boise foothills, literally DRiVE off into the sunset with true stories on a theme, told live and without notes.

Now on the last Tuesday of every month—this is where the action is—hosted by new artistic director & most stellar master of ceremonies, Jodi Eichelberger. Featured musician Elijah Jensen adds rockstar ambience on electric guitar, using an over-DRiVE effects pedal, of course.

Online tickets are available now—and a limited number of door tickets will go on sale the NiGHT in question. Doors open at 6 pm. Show starts at 7 pm.

Here’s a test drive of our three featured acts:
Laura Martin is in over-DRiVE scheduling the giant potato on its transcontinental truck trips.

Elijah Jensen-Lindsey goes on a DRiVE that changed the face of everything.

Jodeen Revere has to DRiVE crazy on a motorcycle to the hospital in a foreign country while hallucinating.

All this, intermixed with an open story slam and live music. Plus beer, wine & appetizers.

This dynamic season plays on the ways we get out and go for it in the state we’re in. Come along for the joy/thrill ride. See upcoming shows»

To up the ante, Story Story Night’s also hosting a corresponding workshop series for JUMP (Inspire Room). Check out our Studios»


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