15OCT_SSN_11x17Poster_TH_P2Illuminati the night. It’s a star-studded tell-all at Starry Story Night, the annual special event spotlighting the true stories of local luminaries to support the ever-expanding Story Story Night universe. On Monday, October 26 at Boise Contemporary Theater on the theme DEPARTURE, it’s starry time.

$25 tickets SOLD OUT (please stay tuned for the podcasts). Plush seating at this gorgeous venue is general admission. Doors open at 6 pm. Stargazing starts at 7 pm.

Food truck by Archie’s Place. Beer, wine & treats bar by BCT.

…2015 Starry-tellers…
Cherie Buckner-Webb
Steve Burns
Gayle Chapman
Stitch Marker
Amy Pence-Brown
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Afterparty at The Mode Lounge.

OCT. 26 DEPARTURE featuring real live revelations from 5 of the famous among us.

Boise Contemporary Theater
854 Fulton Street
Downtown Boise

Seeking the Famous Among Us

Every Starry Story Night features five brave souls, usually based in Boise, who’ve made a dynamic name for themselves in ways that reach far beyond city limits. Who do you know here, but would love to really hear, you know?

Name drop

  2014 starry-tellers: Rick Johnson | Caleb Chung | Kristiana Gregory | Phil Roy | John Michael Schert

  2013 starry-tellers: Alan Heathcock | Greg Hampikian | Nicole LeFavour | Paul Tillotson | Matthew Cameron Clark