All aboard for our ultimate destination: Slammer of the Year. At this grand finale special event held at the Boise Depot, the best story slammers from each show of the forgoing Story Story Night flagship and Late-Night seasons lay some serious storytelling track.

Each slammer goes full steam ahead with a five-minute story on the theme RUNAWAY TRAiN. During an extended break, crowd votes fuel one team to pick up steam and move forward to the last stop. The selected few then tell a speed round story on the theme LAST SPiKE. At the end of the line, the best-of-the-best storyteller wins the coveted title of Slammer of the Year.

Hop on board. Get your ticket to ride for $20 in advance at, or pay $25 at the station. The fun takes off at 7 pm (doors at 6 pm). Open to all ages with beer & wine served.

fun takes off at 7 pm | track open at 6 pm

$20 in advance

Sept. 24 Slammer of the Year: LAST SPiKE

Boise Depot 2603 W Eastover Terrace Boise, ID 83706