SLAMMERS iN THE SLAM makes a break for it, Sept. 26

In an arresting fundraising event, Story Story Night is doing some solid time at the Old Idaho Penitentiary by taking our standout story slammers into custody.
Slammers in the Slam spotlights the most captivating slammers from every show of the past year—each telling a five-minute story on the theme ESCAPE before a jury of their peers.


Then, during an extended break with some jailhouse rock, the story slammers become real jailbirds—in lockup as the crowd posts bail on their favorite confessions. The top three get the chance—after being judged by our parole board—to walk away with the title of “Slammer of the Year.” Take-no-prisoners style.

The bull pen spotlight also lands on featured escapee, Hasan Elahi, an American artist whose name was added (by mistake) to the US government’s watch list after September 11th. His arresting story got him stints on This American Life, The Colbert Report, TED & more.

Lock this one down. Get your story fix. Get tix (one month before showtime): $30 VIP seating or $20general admission, plus $5 bail bundles.

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