Do you have a story on any given theme for our Flagship or Late-Night season? Featured storytellers enjoy the exhilaration of a 10+ minute true revelation on stage. Plus free admission and 2 front row seats for guests. Plus a trophy and swag. Plus an exclusive Studio/dinner party with host Jodi Eichelberger and your fellow featureds. Plus drink tickets, a punchcard pass, a themed poster, a guaranteed place on the podcast, catharsis, and community esteem. Phew.

Make the magic happen. Enter your story now. Fill out the below story form, or email any (and all) story ideas to story@storystorynight.com.

The Story Form
What’s your story? Find out in three questions. Then leave your digits.#1: What happened? Tell us the surprising moment in your story, and briefly how it all led to that point.#2: The take-away? What did it all mean to you in the end? #3: The theme? What’s the potential theme (or themes) for your story? (Check out our upcoming Flagship or Late-Night season themes or make up your own.)

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