Story Story Night fosters powerful connections that change lives—through the courageous act of true storytelling. Our vision is that all members of our community (and beyond) will be inspired to tap into the power and possibility of story.

Spontaneous. Cathartic. Inspiring. Story Story Night is a live storytelling phenomenon/nonprofit organization that provides a forum and a format for the community to share real experiences on stage and without notes. With a wide range of shows and studios, Story Story Night explores the power and possibility of personal narratives and helps people of different perspectives connect and reflect on the common threads that unite us all.

The program presents a soul-stirring, all-ages flagship season. Plus Story Story Late-Night, the positively shameless, adults-only black sheep arm of the storytelling family. As well as two special fundraising events: Starry Story Night, highlighting true revelations from local luminaries. And Slammers in the Slam, featuring the criminally good slammers from every show of the previous year. The organization also puts out a podcast and leads workshops. Story Story Night strives to be relevant, empowering, educational, and exciting to its audiences, community, and the world by staging events and more that electrify and illuminate our lives.


Fotobounce photo 11109A long, long time ago (OK, about 10 years), four people came together to create Story Story Night: Jessica Holmes, Hollis Welsh (then at Alley Repertory Theater), Clay Morgan (then at the Boise State Story Initiative), and Paul Shaffer (then at The Cabin). Armed with amazing graphic design by Neighborhood All-Stars, the collaborative launched an invite-only test run of Story Story Night at the Sun Ray Café in Hyde Park in March 2010. In April, the live storytelling show—highlighting true stories on theme, told without notes, with featured storytellers plus an open story slam—hit the stage at The Linen Building with BUSTED, where it immediately became a sold-out phenomenon. Still held (nearly) every month, Story Story Night continues to inspire and ignite the Boise community at every turn.