Aug. 28: It’s GO time at Late-Night season finale

Stop in the name of love…or was it lust? Whether you’ve been fast, paused in heartbreak, or put the brakes on, it’s all fair game at Story Story Late-Night. Positively shameless, this is the adults-only black sheep of the storytelling family.

Like an ever-blinking traffic light, such is life. Deep, man. On Tuesday, August 28, go there with true stories from featured storytellers & an open story slam on themes from the Story Story stoplight.

Visual Arts Collective | 8 pm (doors 7 pm)


Adult content, advised. Plus- the summer exclusive “Slammer of Shame,” where the storyteller is hidden and represented on stage by our Black Sheep Puppet!

It’s pedal to the metal with our featured storytellers:

Alejandro Anastasio gets the green light to stay overnight at the Oregon County Fair.

Lily Yasuda gets a green light to film her film.

Jose Fuentes swipes green on Tinder… too many times.

Hosted by Jessica Holmes | live music by Ashley Rose
Directed by Jodi Eichelberger

Season Sponsor: Over 19 Adult Shop

Show Sponsor: ACME Bakeshop

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