July 31: slow your roll at Late-Night’s YELLOW LiGHT

On July 31st, the light changes to YELLOW at Story Story Late-Night, held at the adult-only Visual Arts Collective at 8 pm (doors 7 pm). Do we slow down or speed through? Ask our guest host, she with the yellow hair: Boise’s blonde bombshell Minerva Jayne! She also writes the advice column “Minerva’s Breakdown” for Boise Weekly.

Slow down for these YELLOW LiGHT featured storytellers:

Beth Norton treats a stranger on a dark and stormy night with caution.

Dawn Brockett is in the dilemma zone. Should she stop where she is or race through the warning light?

Chris Condon turns a red light to yellow…in bed.

Positively shameless, this is the adults-only black sheep of the storytelling family. Like an ever-blinking traffic light, such is life. Deep, man. Go there with true stories from featured storytellers & an open story slam on themes from the Story Story Stoplight. Plus, prizes from our season sponsor Over 19 Adult Shop that will make your light turn red hot.

Because we’ve literally got it going on, get tix & register for the next Studio workshop on Aug 18.

Want to be automatically entered for a chance to tell your 5-minute story? Get The Story Slammer Ticket.  We’ll pick up the taxes and ticket fees on that.

21-and-over Only | Full Bar | Live Music by Eric Henderson.

Adult content, advised.

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