June 26: Late-Night turns RED in first show of season

On June 26th, we’ll be burning rubber as our season takes off with “Red Light.” Guest host, Emma Arnold, is coming right off her “Yes, Please” comedy tour hitting eleven cities before returning to us at the Visual Arts Collective, where she filmed her comedy special last year.

Guest storyteller and current exhibiting artist at the VAC Garth Claassen will start off the evening sharing what the red light has in common with his art show The Wall and its Double. “If I were to have done an exhibition on traffic lights, I might have called it, Robot: The Policeman and His Double.” Come to Late-Night and find out why.

Our featured storytellers Rick Just, Penny Lee, and Monique Duarte will take you from the Twilight Zone to the signals we missed and the signals shoved in our faces.

Positively shameless, this is the adults-only black sheep of the storytelling family. Like an ever-blinking traffic light, such is life. Deep, man. Go there with true stories from featured storytellers & an open story slam on themes from the Story Story Stoplight. Plus, prizes from our season sponsor Over 19 Adult Shop that will have you saying “don’t stop.”

This year, we are introducing a new ticket category: the Story Slammer Ticket. When you purchase one of these tickets you are automatically entered into the drawing to share your 5-minute story onstage. Thanks. We’ll pick up the taxes and ticket fees on that.

In addition to single show tickets, for one more week we have a special limited edition summer season pass which automatically gets you tickets to all 3 shows!

Adult content, advised. Get tix & learn more at storystorynight.org.

21-and-over Only | Full Bar | Live Music by Thomas Paul & Friends.

Because we’ve literally got it going on, get tix & register for the next Studio workshop on July 21.


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