Mar. 26: ALUMiNUM gets totally metal

Brave the elements at the flagship season of Story Story Night this spring at the all-ages JUMP in downtown Boise. With true stories on themes that pack some atomic power, featured storytellers and spontaneous story slammers get on stage and into their element.

Pop it like it’s hot! Start saving your ALUMiNUM pull tabs and bring them to the March 26th show. We will donate them to the Ronald McDonald House in Boise. Let’s pile them up on our stage! Pass the word!

Live music by Jared Hallock (playing an ALUMi beginning at 6:15pm. Hosted by Jodi Eichelberger.
Boosted by beer, wine & appetizers.

Get tix!

If you really want a seat at the table, join us at our next Story Story Studio on April 6th. Our experienced Studio guide will walk you through choosing a story, building a storyline, and creating compelling scenes paced for maximum impact. This intro to live storytelling will give you a toolkit to start transforming your personal stories into a captivating tell-all and build confidence with public speaking. All ages with parent.

Call our storyline at 208-917-1970 to pitch your story idea or email with your story idea.

Next up…”HELiUM”

Here are some angles:

» stories about being slow to anger (helium has the lowest boiling point of all the elements)
» stories about being a loner (helium is non reactive. It doesn’t form compounds with anything and just floats around on it’s own)
» stories about being a “He” (this is the chemical symbol for Helium)
» stories about being uplifted (do you need us to explain this one?)

We are also collecting hunting stories: from either the perspective of being the hunter or the hunted.

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