new Story Storyeoke: story slam meets rock and roll, Oct. 17

On Oct. 17, Story Story Late-Night lives on with a brand new show: Story Storyeoke! It’s a community storyslam intermixed with live rock band Karaoke. You can sign up to tell a 5-minute true story without notes. You can choose a song from Boise Rockeoke’s list of over 200 songs (but you can use notes with a book of printed lyrics to help you remember the mysterious middle of your favorite karaoke tune). Or you can do both: tell a story and be the lead singer of the band!

Normally our shows start with a theme. In this show, host Matthew Melton will be challenged to weave together the music and stories to organically shape the theme during the night and announce it at the end of the show!

Door opens and sign-ups begin at 7pm | Karaoke at 7:30pm | Stories start mixing in at 8pm

It’s story (and song) time. Bring it!

Get tix now! «And get this! If you buy a season pass to Story Story Night, you get a Story Storyeoke ticket FREE!

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