It’s a mad, mad world at Story Story Late-Night. Positively shameless, the adults-only black sheep of the storytelling family is back at the Visual Arts Collective. And this season, we’re seeing double. (Was it something we drank?) With two shows for each Late-Night theme—featuring two storytellers and an open story slam—you’ve got double the chances to duck down the rabbit hole, drink it up, and paint the roses red like some low-rent episode of The Bachelor.


It gets curiouser and curiouser with the “Slammer of Shame”—a Late-Night exclusive for those “hide-face-in-embarrassment” stories featuring our black sheep puppet (and a storyteller as invisible as the Cheshire Cat).

1st SHOW:

doors at 6 pm | show at 7 pm – 8:30pm

2nd SHOW:

doors at 9 pm | show at 10 pm – 11:30pm

Adult content, advised. Because what happens at Late-Night, stays at Late-Night (until we put it on our podcasts).

$12 tickets available online * $15 at the door * $36 for summer season pass

live music | full bar

Rated R to XXX. 21+ only. 

June 25: DOWN THE RABBiT HOLE stories

July 30: DRiNK ME stories

August 27: PAiNTiNG THE ROSES RED stories

Visual Arts Collective 3638 Osage St in Garden City

Seeking Suggestive Remarks

Made a real hot mess of it? Fire off a story-line to speak to excess as a featured storyteller. Because true vulnerability is the ultimate high, man (and lady). We’re always on the search for your standout stories on any subject matter.

So do tell