Stop in the name of love…or was it lust? Whether you’ve been fast, paused in heartbreak, or put the brakes on, it’s all fair game at Story Story Late-Night. Positively shameless, this is the adults-only black sheep of the storytelling family, held on the last Tuesday of every month in the heat of the summer at the adults-only Visual Arts Collective (srsly, bring IDs).

Like an ever-blinking traffic light, such is life. Deep, man. Go there with true stories from featured storytellers & an open story slam on themes from the Story Story stoplight.

Adult content, advised.Because what happens at Late-Night, stays at Late-Night (until we put it on our podcasts).

$12 tickets available online (one month before the season starts) or for $15 at the door. Show starts at 8 pm. Doors open at 7 pm.

live music | full bar

Rated R to XXX. 21+ only. 

June 26: STOP stories

July 31: SLOW stories

August 28: GO stories

Visual Arts Collective 3638 Osage St in Garden City

Seeking Suggestive Remarks

Made a real hot mess of it? Fire off a story-line to speak to excess as a featured storyteller. Because true vulnerability is the ultimate high, man (and lady). We’re always on the search for your standout stories on any subject matter.

So do tell