Reel off your own personal cult classics. Story Story Late-Night—the positively shameless black sheep of the storytelling family—dives into bizarre throwbacks in a R-rated season themed on old-school B-movies.

Since 2020 is basically a sci-fi flick in IRL-vision, zoom in on strange-but-true flashbacks from the real world with featured storytellers intermixed with a public story slam. And see how it all plays out in retrospect through celluloid-colored glasses.

This summer show series is a limited two-part release, so catch it live under the night sky at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. Because what happens at Late-Night, stays at Late-Night (until we put it on our podcast).


Wish you had a stand-in for those real embarrassing plot lines? For the lucky SHEEPISH SLAMMER, our black sheep puppet mouths your “don’t look at me” moment while you speak behind the curtain like a scandal-plagued Oz.

And it has placed us in a situation that we can only look at like a B movie.”

» Gil Scott-Heron, “B-Movie


stories at 8 pm | show is 90 minutes w/ no intermission

$18 live in 3D tickets*

guest host Minerva Jayne

Adult content, age 18+ advised. Rated R to XXX.

June 30: THE BLOB stories

August 25: THE FORBIDDEN PLANET stories

Old Idaho Penitentiary 2445 Old Penitentiary Road

Seeking Suggestive Remarks

Made a real hot mess of it? Fire off a story-line to speak to excess as a featured storyteller. Because true vulnerability is the ultimate high, man (and lady). We’re always on the search for your standout stories on any subject matter.

So do tell

* THE BAR WILL BE CLOSED. Please bring your own food & beverages (alcohol officially not allowed, blame COVID and the law, man.)

*We are relying on guidelines from the state of Idaho and the city of Boise to responsibly hold this event. The capacity has been reduced and physical distancing practices are being implemented. Please make all seats you want together part of one order. We will be building the seating for the show based on the number of tickets in each order and you will be directed to the seating group that matches the number of tickets in your order. We recommend those included in your ticket order should be people from whom you are already not distancing. We would also like to request that our audience wear masks until they reach their seating area. Your confirmation email may also include a recommended arrival time in order to stagger the arrival of guests. Please follow if you are able to accommodate.