Our backstory is epic. From word one at our first show five years ago, Story Story Night lit this town up. We spark real live connection and illuminate the human experience with the electric power of truth telling. Behind the scenes, it takes a remarkable amount of fuel and fire to keep this story burning. It will take even more to beam on wider, farther, brighter.

Now (at last) with our official 501(c)3 nonprofit status, we’re ready to blaze forth, yo! Our new chapter means building up a performing arts organization with legit staying power. But we need your help. The show really cannot go on without you. It takes your voice, your stories, your donations, your logo here, and your can-do spirit to turn this community-forged phenomenon into a lasting light force for Boise and beyond.


A buck makes magic. Let us show you how. Every tax-deductible donation you pass on to Story Story Night is budgeted down to the penny, then transformed into a Studio, a podcast, a show, plus a host of new story developments.

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It’s a banner-making event. Support a show or season to gain visibility with some real live wires. For businesses looking to back a popular Boise program, this is the perfect way to step into the spotlight.

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We get by with a little help from our friends. No matter what you’d like to do, boy, do we have a job for you. We appreciate you pitching in—however you want to work it.

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