Check out our open “job listings” below. See if any float your boat. Then contact to pitch in behind the scenes and beyond.

Story Seekers: Mine the community and your circle of friends for real-live storytellers who will work with Story Story Night to develop their personal stories and share them at our shows, live on stage without notes. The featured story tellers you refer to us form the base for evenings of enchantment and enlightenment, spurring slammers to speak off the cuff.

Commitment: As available
Skills: Enthusiasm and familiarity with the organization, communication with staff
Oversight: You send us a storyteller, we take it from there

Story Guides: Work with us to design and present workshops and studios where people of all ages and walks of life cultivate and refine the native art of live storytelling. Guide participants as they take their personal tales from the page to the stage. Join us in intimate settings–including schools, camps, businesses, civic organizations, and institutions–where we bring the power of storytelling to the community.

Commitment: Attend a train-the-trainers workshop and help facilitate at least one workshop or studio per year
Skills: Enthusiasm and familiarity with the program, ability to train and guide small groups
Oversight: You will work with a Story Story Night staffer until and unless you and we agree to your working independently

Story Story Night Askers: Help create convergence between the power of storytelling and the power of community. Join with us to cultivate relationships with local businesses who will provide financial and in-kind donations that support the art of live storytelling.

Commitment: As available
Skills: Understanding of the program and benefits for donors
Oversight: Staff will work in partnership with you–providing printed materials, information about tax benefits, and in-person follow-up with potential supporters

Big Night Movers and Shakers: Be a part of the excitement of a Story Story Night show by helping bring off an amazing evening for storytellers and the audience. Carry out one of many tasks that assure a successful show: assist with set-up, including picking up and setting up tables, chairs, and the stage set; work the door greeting and directing guests, selling tickets, handling will call and ushering; act as a runner assisting with show production; solicit and sign up story slammers; obtain broadcast releases.

Commitment: One or more monthly shows
Skills: Friendly and team oriented; flexible and comfortable with a little chaos
Oversight: Staff will provide training and guidance and be available at all times

Archivist: Be a part of history-making by assisting in the work of articulating Story Story Night’s past. Using podcasts, photos, marketing materials, and soft and hard copy files, document information from nearly 5 years of events–who told what, when and where. Assemble information to tell our story of telling stories. Help establish a systematic approach to maintaining an archive of our community’s storytelling.

Commitment: One to four months
Skills: Interest in research and assembling disparate information; spreadsheet or database development and management; process and procedure documentation
Oversight: Work in partnership with staff on all aspects of this project

Recording Artist: Ha! Almost got you there! What we mean is Record Keeper. Help develop and maintain spreadsheets and/or database records of critical activity of the organization, including donations, show attendance, ticket sales, and volunteer hours. Help enable the organization to maintain consistent record-keeping and use this information for marketing and outreach.

Commitment: Ongoing, 3 – 6 hours per month
Skills: Experience developing and maintaining spreadsheets and/or databases, ability to use a variety of information sources to capture critical information, capacity to document best practices for data management over the long term
Oversight: Work in partnership with staff to identify critical information needs, formats for recording and ready retrieval of data

It Takes Money, Honey: Work in partnership with the principal fundraiser to identify and cultivate sources of financial support. Identify and provide access to potential donors, grantors, and community partners. Assist in research to identify appropriate funders for shows, workshops/studios/operations and development of information to garner support.

Commitment: Ongoing, 4 – 16 hours per month
Skills: Familiarity with non-profit fundraising work and the philanthropic community
Oversight: Work in close partnership with staff; staff will develop grant applications and work with volunteers to cultivate potential donors